Meeting MR RIP and how to be happier

Hy guys! 

This article with MR RIP caused an explosion in my number of visits and views, so I would like to thank MR RIP for publishing our conversation on his blog and I would like to take the opportunity and write about … the meaning of life: The meaning of life is …. No, I’m only joking. I don’t want to bore you with a long philosophical article. But back in June, when I met MR RIP I thought about how could I help MR RIP to feel better? 

*Wow, a reader from Australia just visited my page. How cool is that?! Is there the toilet really flushing the other direction?*

Ok. First of all, MR RIP is a highly intelligent species. I think the more smarter someone is, the higher the probability to get depressed. That’s maybe only my observation, but maybe there is a correlation. 

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